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April 30, 2013 
Mir Ali loves what he does! He teaches through his passion for music. He has a high standard for the necessary skills and techniques needed to grow as a classical guitarist. His kind care and attention to students’ musical interests motivate and encourage creativity. Together Mir and I composed, performed, and recorded music throughout my high school and college years. He has gone above and beyond the classroom instruction. I have become a better musician under his guidance. Mir is a wonderful collaborator, performer and teacher. World class, professional, and inspiring! 
Christina S.
April 28, 2013 
Mir Ali is a thorough and complete teacher. There is a big difference between teaching someone to play a song and playing music. Furthermore there is more than just the music on the written page. Mir's approach, as I've seen with my own studies, is based on the individual and encompasses the whole concept of approaching music beginning with the relationship between you and the formed structure of wood and strings in your lap. By that relationship, one realizes just how significant the learning experience can be. Only than can music follow. 
Michael T.
April 24, 2013 I have employed Mir Ali as a faculty member and performer at the Greater Pittsburgh Suzuki Institute and as a workshop clinician at our music school, the Pittsburgh Music Academy. He is excellent at making inspiring personal connections with students, he is a consummate performer, and he has really invigorated our guitar programs. I recommend him highly!
Kiki B.
April 23, 2013 
My daughter has been taking lessons with Mir for approximately 4yrs. She looks forward to her lessons and especially the ensembles, where she is able to interact with the other students. She views them as fun and interactive. I think it speaks volumes about Mir and Cindy that throughout the years of my daughter taking lessons, she has never once indicated that she wanted to quit. These lessons have also helped her in becoming proficient in playing the clarinet at school.
ASG provides an opportunity to receive an excellent foundation in music education. Mir's passion for music and excellence is evident to his students and the opportunities he exposes them to is priceless. The Summer Suzuki Institute he recommends has become an annual event that we look forward to.
Karen D.
April 23, 2013 
I started my 4 year old taking guitar from Mir Ali. This has been the most wonderful experience. We currently take 2 lessons per week. He has developed her skills, confidence and musical interest. In a low pressure, extremely positive environment, she has been progressing rapidly through the material. He works closely and patiently with the parents so that our nightly practice sessions are focused and productive. He is always available for extra help. His ensemble classes foster of sense of community and fun for the children that centers around their growth in music. 
I have been parenting for more than 20 years and this truly is the best and most comprehensive program I have been involved in. 
Sherry W.
April 23, 2013 
Our daughter started lessons with Cindy when she was 7 years old. She has been playing for just over a year now and she has been working with Mir since January. She has done several recitals and was asked to perform in school for the music class and for her class. Everyone is surprised at how well she plays in such a short period of time. Both Cindy and Mir work together well in lessons, ensemble, and recitals. Excellent skills with children in making it fun and challenging at the same time. The ensembles and extras that they offer keep it interesting and enjoyable for for everyone. We would highly recommend ASG to anyone looking to learn guitar.
Mike L.
April 22, 2013 
I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity of taking lessons with Mir Ali for the past two years. As a rank beginner with the guitar, I was shocked that he accepted my request to take me on as a student. 

I am an older adult student, and I realize the time he affords me is not going to lead to a great notoriety in the music world. He is demanding regarding technique and he expects you to put an honest effort forward if you want to continue. He breaks down what you think is difficult and simplifies it so that you can progress more quickly. 
As a former teacher, I can appreciate the "science" of teaching and igniting that inner drive in students that makes them want to excel. That is exactly what Mir has done for me. He not only provides instruction in how to play a particular piece, but has provided sight reading lessons and technique (as mentioned above) that goes beyond the basic guitar lesson. There is much more to an hour lesson with Mir than what I have had with a previous instructor. It is a very intense, one on one experience.

Another added plus is seeing him perform in numerous events throughout the year. These include recitals with his current and past students as well as special guest performances. These events; as well as being very entertaining, have afforded me the opportunity to see where my music may someday take me. 
The ASG is an all-around musical experience that I have been very fortunate to have available to me.
Mary Beth A.
April 22, 2013 
We have been involved with the school for years and feel very connected to the teachers and other students and their families. The quality of the instruction is excellent and all of the staff are sincerely committed to the progress and overall well being of the students. 
Rebecca B.
April 22, 2013 
Our 6 year old son, Carson, began working with Mir just this past summer after working with another teacher. The positive changes, including observable passion and level of interest have risen dramatically. The fit has been excellent with respect to his sense of humor and incredible understanding of music in a child particularly. Carson has been drawn to entertainment and increased levels of excellence based on his short time at Amherst School of Guitar, which in our case is a direct reflection of the work with Mir Ali. Carson is working on a range of skills from basic attention to task, to higher level techniques and reading music, which along with the many other motivators has made the experience thus far an outstanding one.
Michael B.
April 22, 2013 
As a Scientist and Professor Engineering, Guitar has been my life-long passion and I have been taking lessons for over 20 years. I have had the fortune of working with many outstanding guitarists, including Mr. Ali. I have been quite impressed with Mr. Ali in all of our interactions. I feel he is a gifted teacher with a ``knack'' for explaining and demonstrating the most difficult concepts and techniques. His mastery of the instrument together with his amicable & energetic personality gives him a very unique teaching capability which is, indeed, very rare. I have not seen many musicians who are excellent in both playing and teaching. Mir is an exception! While I am impressed by his skills and I greatly enjoy his performances (either solo or with his groups), I am very amazed by his capability to convey the most difficult issues and to demonstrate the most challenging techniques in a logical step-by-step procedure. It is obvious that he loves music and also enjoys teaching; unlike many musicians who tend to ``improvise'' in teaching, he takes it seriously. 

I feel very grateful that I have been Mir's student since 1996. In addition to learning the instrument, these lessons have helped me tremendously in everything else!

Peyman G.
April 22, 2013 
My 9 year old daughter has been taking lessons for two-and-a-half years. The combination of weekly private lessons with Cindy and bi-weekly group lessons with Mir Ali have helped her develop into an accomplished musician at an early age. The recitals have made her poised and confident in front of any audience. We attended the Greater Pittsburgh Suzuki Institute in 2012, and it was evident that Mir's students were well trained in performance etiquette and stage presence. My daughter began saxophone lessons at her elementary school this year, and she is well ahead of her classmates because of her guitar training. We have recommended the Amherst School of Guitar to several friends, and they are also very pleased!
Tina B.
April 22, 2013 
My child has been taking lessons for the past year with Mir at the Amherst School of Guitar. I was very impressed to see how much time MIr spent getting to know my child and determing the best way to teach her. He is able to inspire and motivate her in a way that is unique to her personality. I also find the bi-monthly ensemble class along wiih her one-on-one lesson enhances her learning and the overall experience. It is fun and demanding all at the same time. I appreciate the community of families that he has built at the school; it is a great support system and resource. We feel fortunate to have a world-reknown musician teach our child and bring more music into our lives.
Mary Beth W.
April 22, 2013 
My six year old began lessons at Amherst School of Guitar about a year and a half ago. The experience has been fantastic - the instructors know how to teach young children and make the learning experience fun and fulfilling. My son has come away from his lessons with greater focus, an ability to perform in front of people, and a sense of accomplishment. Very highly recommended!
Robert C.
April 22, 2013 
I took intermediate to advanced guitar classes with Mir for nearly two years now. As an educator he is very dedicated, determined to bring out and expects the best from his students. As an artist, he is simply outstanding and world class!
Levent Y.
April 21, 2013 
My young son has participated in a master class with Mir Ali, had him as a teacher at a Suzuki Institute, and taken some private lessons with him. Anyone who lives close enough to go to his guitar school is really lucky because he is a fine musician who is also an excellent teacher. I believe he really cares about helping his students do their best. He is able to make lessons fun and still encourage excellent technique and musicianship. Many people offering music lessons are not actually very good musicians OR good teachers. He is a superior musician AND teacher and could bring out the best in any student. 
Samantha G.
April 21, 2013 
Mir is extremely energetic. He is friendly,funny and makes each child feel special. My daughter has only recently started playing guitar and I am amazed at her progress and pleased with how much she enjoys the experience at Amherst School of Guitar. 
Laura D.
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